FAIM (Filipino Americans in Medicine)

PresidentBucayu, Robert
Robert Bucayu
Undergraduate institution: Stanford University class of 2013
Degree(s) in undergrad: Bachelors of Science with honors in Biology, minor in spanish
Year in medical school/residency and degree program (MD, MSTP, PRIME-LC, MD/MBA, etc): PRIME-LC (Program in Medical Education for the Latino Community, MD/MPH candidate)
Email contact: rbucayu@uci.edu
About me: My grandpa, who was a farmworker, and my grandma, who suffers from mismanaged chronic disease, inspired me to become involved with community health projects during and after my undergrad years. I continued my Spanish studies in undergrad and studied abroad in both Chile and Mexico and volunteered as a Spanish interpreter. I took 2 years off to take advantage of opportunities: an immunology internship at Genentech in basic science research, a community health program in Mexico, a fellowship program in the rural San Mateo South Coast County region surveying immigrant farmworkers on health care access, and a city position as Community Field Specialist doing HIV/STI work for the LGBT population with the San Francisco Department of Public Health. Because of these privileged opportunities, my career interests have developed towards working at the interface of medicine and public health. In my spare time, I like to swim and lift, arrange music, and secretly stay up until 3 am watching dramas.
Role in FAIM: I am the president of FAIM and oversee all of the various committees, including Mentorship, Alumni Relations, and Community Outreach. I serve as the FAIM liaison on the Office of Medical Education Diversity, Inclusion & Community Service (MEDICS)Student Advisory Committee and ensure FAIM’s presence during interview-day diversity panels for medical school applicants and in the quarterly MEDICS newsletter to increase outreach to our Filipino kababayan (or “fellow countrymen” in Tagalog), who are considered an underrepresented minority in medicine at UC Irvine School of Medicine. I am also the Community Outreach Co-Chair and work alongside two very talented individuals, Roxanne Talamayan-Pascua and Michael Poblete from PUSO, in spearheading a new, monthly health screening event at the recently opened Seafood City Supermarket in Irvine.

Co-chair of alumni relationsJessa
Jessamine Faustino
Undergraduate institution: UC Davis
Degree(s) in undergrad: Bachelors of Science in Biological Sciences
Year in medical school/residency and degree program (MD, MSTP, PRIME-LC, MD/MBA, etc): MS4/MD
Email contact: faustinj@uci.edu
About me: I became involved with PUSO during my 1st year of medical school after I met a PUSO alumni at a health fair in NorCal. It was perfect timing because I had just been accepted at UCISOM and I wanted to start a mentorship program for undergrads interested in medicine or other health professions. I had many mentors throughout college and medical school and I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without their guidance. The PUSO/FAIM collaboration is a perfect way for me to give back to help and support someone else’s goal of going to medical school (or other graduate program) while simultaneously creating a strong network of undergrads, medical students, and physicians that will last for years to come.
Role in FAIM: Maintain the integrity of FAIM/PUSO’s alumni network by recruiting members, updating alumni contact information, contacting alumni for FAIM/PUSO events.

Co-chair of alumni relationsCalixto, Nathaniel
Nathaniel Calixto
Undergraduate institution: Yale
Degree(s) in undergrad: Bachelors of Science in Biology (Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental)
Year in medical school/residency and degree program (MD, MSTP, PRIME-LC, MD/MBA, etc): MS1/MD
Email contact: ncalixto@uci.edu
About me: Nathan claims to have been a professional singer in a previous life, and also claims there are videos floating around on the Internet to support his assertion. FAIM is skeptical that 1) he was ever a professional vocalist and that 2) he has lived a previous life.
Role in FAIM: I maintain contact info of UCI School of Medicine grads who were involved with FAIM and facilitate communication with these alums whenever current students want to reach out for academic or career advice.

Community Outreach Co-ChairTalamayan-Pascua, Roxanne
Roxanne Talamayan-Pascua
Undergraduate institution: UC Irvine
Degree(s) in undergrad: Bachelors of Science in Neurobiology and behavior
Year in medical school/residency and degree program (MD, MSTP, PRIME-LC, MD/MBA, etc): MS2/PRIME-LC
Email contact: rtalamay@gmail.com
About me: I was a pre-medical undergraduate at UCI and worked with many of the services that supported pre-med students, so if you have any questions about resources, please contact me. I am a first-generation college student (60% of the 2019 class is first generation!), so I know how intimidating it can be to navigate the resources and possible opportunities at UCI.  If I can’t help you directly, I will at least point you towards someone who can. I am a part of the Program in Medical Education for the Latino Community (PRIME-LC), a dual-degree program (MD/Master’s) that supports students to become physician advocates for the underserved Latino populations. I moved from a small village in the Philippines to downtown Los Angeles—both, maybe surprisingly, medically underserved. Because I grew up in underserved communities, my goal is to help improve the social conditions and medical access for similar communities.
Role in FAIM: Establish an on-going outreach event with Seafood City to provide medical screenings and resources to the Filipino and Fil-Am community.

Rachel SunicoSunico, Rachel
Undergraduate institution: UC Irvine
Degree(s) in undergrad: Bachelors of Science in Biological Sciences
Year in medical school/residency and degree program (MD, MSTP, PRIME-LC, MD/MBA, etc): MS1/PRIME-LC
Email contact: sunicor@uci.edu
About me:  As an undergraduate at UC Irvine, I was heavily involved in Sports Medicine and physical therapy. I was also involved in basic research for 3 years prior to starting medical school.  Currently, as a first year I am part of the board of a free clinic called An Lanh and am a member of Filipino Americans in Medicine (FAIM). During my free time, I like to watch movies, go to concerts, and eat dessert.

Jamie MillerMiller, Jamie
Undergraduate institution: UC Santa Barbara
Degree(s) in undergrad: Bachelors of Science in Biological Sciences & Art History minor
Year in medical school/residency and degree program (MD, MSTP, PRIME-LC, MD/MBA, etc): MS2/MD
Email contact: Jamielm@uci.edu
About me: As a UCI SOM medical student, my primary extra-curricular interests involve administration and admissions. I serve on the executive board of the Associated Medical Student Government as an MS2 President, and am involved with the recruitment process for incoming medical students. Last year, I was a board member of the Flying Samaritans, an organization that serves the medical needs of Valley Redondo, Mexico, and am currently serving as a Vice President of Education for the Ultrasound interest group. In June 2015, I traveled with other medical students to Mwanza, Tanzania to conduct ultrasound-based infectious disease and women’s health research and lead a hands-on ultrasound course for healthcare professional students. Another passion of mine is music, and one of my favorite activities at UCI SOM is singing with my MEDleys family (UCI SOM a capella group)! I’m also deeply addicted to television and cinema, DIY crafts, and Disneyland.

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